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Why Nepal Mentor Is best for you?

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Once you get connected with us, we provide a regular update on your need area, sometimes we offer free valuable information!

Domain Experts

We have a bunch of best Experts collection who can lead you where you or your business need to be, we office end to end solution to the organization or an individuals!

People around the globe!

While working with local and global organizations and individuals we had collected a lot idea to scale your business and Career in the right direction!!

Consulting areas

Cloud Consulting

Our experts who already done a lot of work on the cloud are here to help on your plan, either you want to migrate, or to optimize the transition from traditional environments to more modern public clouds, or minimize the operation of cloud (Digital Innovation, Cost Reduction, Faster Time-to-Market, Smart Digital Governance) etc.

Company Operations

In this section, we offer advisory services and training for technology directors, operation directors, Research and Development managers, even some time working for a development team also come under this section. We also do provide services for Human Resource (HR) management if required.

Overall strategy

An approach to business, after very critical assessment and brainstorming we offer this service, which directly addresses to the CEO of organization or leading person of the company. A defined template and work procedures will come under this section.

We provide training on

.NET dev Training

A most loving technology where most of the developer think like home while doing development either it is the case of Web, Windows, UWP or even mobile apps. We provide all level of training in this tech stack.

Angular dev Training

An application which needs to handle a lot of work from client side and need to have an extreme faster operation for single page application, we do have experts who can guide you to run quickly and provide you provision to ignite your Career in SPA.

React dev Training

Cool stuff for UI and used for building user interfaces. We do offer some great idea and tips to get more value while using it in development.

Python dev Training

A one who really looking to do something different for data will be attracted but we do this training for those who already have basics of Python and want to jump for production.

MS SQL dev Training

Especially given for the developer who really want to develop faster and best application for the case large data, organization technique, finding the bottleneck in running applications.

Hybrid Mobile dev training

In this are we do provide training basically on Xamarin, Apache Cordova, Ionic Framework etc. Allow to cutoff 60% mobile application development cost.

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